We are ‘The Mushroom People’. With more than three decades of experience, we have focused on mushrooms and worked tirelessly to introduce their unique and healthful qualities to the mainstream market.

The Mushroom Benefit brings novel and innovative, patented, natural products to the specialty food marketplace and makes the beneficial and regular consumption of specialty mushrooms easy and fun. Our products add new culinary dimensions to exotic mushrooms and introduce the umami essence and functional health benefits into every household.

Our latest products, the Cuisine Bag and Umamis Crunchy Snack, launched on June 23rd - 25th at the Fancy Food Show 

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The Mushroom Benefit CUISINE BAG is a bio-degradeable sachet that contains a unique blend of exotic mushrooms and natural seasoning and flavors to enhance, quickly and easily, any savory stew, soup, sauce, side dish and marinade.
Choose from three styles, Simply Classic, Simply Italian and Simply Asian, and upgrade your meals with a gourmet touch in a single step. 


The Mushroom Benefit UMAMIS CRUNCHY SNACK is a mushroom-based all-natural and healthy (FDA compliant) snack. With zero trans-fat and no cholesterol or artificial additives, UMAMIS are a good source of Vit. D and Calcium and contain beta-glucans, a polysaccharide with acknowledged benefits.
Our UMAMIS CRUNCHY SNACK comes in four flavors, Natural, BBQ, Salt & Vinegar and Salt & Pepper, and are delicious for adults and kids alike. 


The Mushroom Benefit

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