The Mushroom Benefit™ Cuisine Bag

An umami-packed sachet to add flavor to every dish. 
One sachet is sufficient for about 7-8 servings.  

  • EASY TO USE - One Cuisine Bag added to your regular cooking routine adds flavor and seasoning and enriches every meal with no effort at all. 
  • CHOOSE YOUR STYLE -Simply Classic, Simply Asian and Simply Italian - A style for every dish. See our recipes for ideas.
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERY DIET - All-natural ingredients and savory umami create a delicious taste that is low in calories and salt-free, sugar-free and cholesterol-free.

Low in calories
Fat Free
Sodium Free
Cholesterol Free 

No Sugar or sugar additives
No sweetening or artificial flavors
No artificial color or color additives
No Artificial Colors
No Preservatives 
No Gluten
No Added MSG
Vegan friendly

The sachet is made of biodegradable corn fiber. After use, dispose of safely and the sachet will degrade naturally.


Contains Shiitake Mushrooms and Black Truffles, and all-natural ingredients. 

The flavor is in the Bag.
Simply immerse one sachet into soup, sauce or stew, or whip up a quick marinade, or add to cooked meat, pasta, rice, vegetables and the like to transform mundane to divine with a revolutionary flavoring technique and delicious results.


The Mushroom Benefit

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